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The amazing Biometric concept

The Innovators Automated Biometric Identification System leverages market-leading technology that is recognized by system integrator and solution providers who demand a large-scale, easy to integrate, standard-compliant and high-performance biometric identity management solution for a biometric multi modal system.

  • Superior biometric security in real world environments, irrespective of race, gender, age or physical condition

  • World class liveness detection, spoof prevention and proof of life

  • The highest level of tamper proofing and data encryption for data integrity

Automated Biometric
Identification System

Over the past decade, we have supported our customers by providing a small-footprint SDK with high performance and great portability to virtually any platform.

Fantastic Apps Available

Our algorithm could match a few thousand records per second. Continuous innovation has helped it become the industry leader in speed, accuracy and interoperability

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The Apps You Need

In a world filled with millions of download options, it’s should come as no surprise to learn that there are many underrated apps out there.Our Apps will make you happy.

Simple Interaction

Biometric authentication is simple for people to use and can streamline previously routine processes.. Our software development kit for rapid biometric integration, will help you to complete the job.

Try ! You will love it.

Try Our Technology of Biometrics.You will love it,The management system can make you win

  • World Class Algorithm

  • High Speed Terminal

  • Accurate Identification

  • Cloud Solution

  • Biometric API/SDK

  • Biometric Hardware & Software

Get Popular Management System

High end management technology in your hand
  • Visitor Management

  • Door management

  • Parking management

  • Hotel Management

  • School Management

  • Industry Management

  • Office Management

  • Pharmacy Management

  • Canteen Management

The Most Powerful Software. Say hello to  OS Bio-Soft.

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As advances in biometrics proliferate in global markets, Onspot identifies areas requiring product development, analyzes market demand, and builds cutting-edge biometric software solutions that will extend quantifiable value to our business partners and their clients.

This Is One Amazing Solution

Cloud Solution is one of the popular and Secure solution which can complete your actual needs.

Connect it to Any Smartphone

All of these devices are compatible with rapid cloud application OS Soft. OS Soft will allow any biometric project to be deployed right in the field with the same level of accuracy but with more mobility and flexibility.

A Fantastic Center Solution

Easy to get,easy to access by centrally

Management and controlling can be done centrally.Data can be collected from multi remote location to center location automatically.

Choose Your Solution

We Provide root to industry level solution.Our multi solution with best Bometric device and software are the strong competitor in market.Take a look our provided solution and get your one.

New Elegant Products

Face,Fingerprint with Robust Technology of Biometrics

High Performance intelligent Face Recognition

Our system can work in different light condition even in the dard. Communicating via Wi-Fi, GPRS, and USB, it can ensure a smooth connection and data transfer. Especially have door lock function.

OS15F Pro



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